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A Comprehensive Approach to Sight-Reading

4-Minute Mastery presents basic concepts of rhythm, interval training and part singing in short packages on a single page in a standardized format. Difficulty levels are raised in small, incremental steps from lesson to lesson. 4-Minute Mastery trains the learner with drill, helping students recognize patterns and intervals (both up and down) before they sing. Each lesson also provides a framework on which to build other aspects of musical mastery: dynamics, phrasing, breath control; and familiarity with key signatures, solfege, expression markings and musical terminology. This structured approach can help you lead your students to mastery of vital skills.


What's Included ...

Each “Book” in the program contains 30 lessons. Book 1 contains material suitable for middle school choirs through an above-average high school choir. Book 2 and Book 3 are for more advanced high school through college-level choirs.

A complete 62-page Introduction is included with each purchase whether you order 1, 2 or all 3 book sets. The Introduction includes full instructions on how to use our books, a large Appendices with several useful tools, and explanation of all that is covered in all three books. Also included in the Introduction are 8 Primer Lessons for those wanting some basic review before beginning the series.



Program Structure:
A Comprehensive Approach


Sample Lessons